Sound absorption coefficients (α) of up to 0.75 are achieved with our FELT. Thanks to natural FELT for excellent acoustics in rooms. Sound insulation.



Due to its natural properties, wool felt improves the acoustics in any room.
Wool felt supports the regulation of air humidity. Sound insulation made of wool felt can both absorb humidity and release it back into the room air. The use of sound-insulating wool felt can noticeably improve the indoor climate.

Intended use

Fitted to walls, as a room divider or discreetly under chairs. The use of sound-absorbing wool felt, has audibly improved room acoustics.
As a design element, the wool felt has an additional attractive effect and can create a thoroughly positive room ambience.

Product description

Due to its open structure, wool felt is ideal for sound insulation. Depending on the density and thickness of the felt, a sound absorption coefficient (α) of up to 0.75 can be achieved depending on the frequency.

Advice and ordering

To order sound-absorbing felt, please contact us. We will be happy to advise and support you.