Industrial felt. Design felt. Decorative felt. Universal felt. Special felt.

Industrial felt

Our industrial felt is used in numerous industries such as: metal, wood, glass, furniture, railroad, packaging, textiles, mechanical engineering, medical technology, constructiontrade, vehicle construction, aviation, and many more.

Industrial felt is available in practically all dimensions, shapes and cuts, as well as in various designs such as self-adhesive and flame-retardant.

Our industrial felt is not dyed (with the exception of article 500T) and is therefore suitable for all industrial purposes and can therefore be used anywhere where color is not important.

Design felt

The range and application possibilities of our design felt are extremely extensive. Especially in the field of architecture, hotels, restaurants, interior design, schools and other creative industries, our design felt is sought after for its great properties.

Thanks to its outstanding properties and trendy colors, design felt opens up a wide range of applications.

Our design felt is dyed and offers a wide range of possibilities in the areas of furnishing, architecture and design.

Multi-purpose felt

This quality consists of wool, viscose and synthetic fibers and can therefore be dry-cleaned. Due to the synthetic content, this felt is more stable and firmer than decorative felt (density 25).

The multi-purpose felt is mottled on one side and is available in a thickness of 1.2 mm.

Clothing, accessories, covers for upholstered furniture, etc.

Decorative felt

Our decorative felt is high quality and has all the advantages and properties of top quality. Compared to multi-purpose felt, this quality is softer (density 18). Available in over 50 colors in a thickness of 1.0 mm.

The decorative felt offers almost endless possibilities such as crafting, cutting, sewing, etc.

As tablecloths, wall hangings, bedspreads, wardrobe furnishings and much more.

Special felt

Special felt includes everything that we do not carry in our standard range or cannot produce from it. Our extensive network of partners means that we can procure almost anything in the field of felt. Whether punched on rolls, in a special density or in a specific color, thickness or composition (synthetic, water-repellent, flame-retardant, antistatic, polyester, mothproof, etc.) or for a very special application. ) or for a very special application.

Depending on the material of the felt, a lot can be realized and the properties are very varied depending on the composition of the felt.

Intended use
Applications witht Special felts are specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of our customers, such as anti-static felt pads for the storage of sensitive electronic devices or use of flame-retardant felt in fire protection standardized areas.