Who we are, what we do and why our customers deserve quality. The customer determines our actions!


The product range of Wiler Filz AG is extremely diverse.
Our felt is used in numerous industries such as: Architecture, metal, wood, glass, furniture, railroad, packaging, textile industry, mechanical engineering, hotel industry, gastronomy, medical technology, construction, arts and crafts, interior design, schools, instrument making, vehicle construction, aviation, and many more.
Thanks to the combination of our extensive range of felt products, our high-performance and precise machines and our expert staff, we are able to realize your ideas, needs and requirements in a customer-oriented manner.
Send us your templates and ideas, e.g. in the form of vector-based graphics, a picture or a hand-drawn sketch, and we will supply you with the precisely cut felt.

  • in all colors, thicknesses and strengths
  • individual, custom-made, small or large series
  • Self-adhesive, anti-slip, water-repellent or flame-retardant finish
  • manufactured according to drawing, picture or sketch
  • in rolls of approx. 170/180 cm width (exceptions 100 to 200 cm)
  • punched or cut to size (e.g. rondelles, rings)
  • as cuttings
  • cut into strips
  • bonded in several layers
  • and much more...

About us

The roots of Wiler Filz AG go back to 1840, when Johann Baptist Müller, and later his son Fridolin, founded the Wiler felt factory. Today, we are a leading Swiss company in the industry with the highest level of expertise in felt, offering our products and services in Switzerland and abroad .


Inspire with felt products!


Utilizing the unique and sustainable properties of felt given by nature. Using technological means in combination with creativity and innovation to shape them into great products.

Guiding principle

We want to be a leading company in the industry that is a competent and distinguished partner for all customers in the field of "industrial, design and decorative felt products" through quality, reliability and fair prices.

With our services, we pursue a consistent profile through the high quality of our products and services, expert advice and reliable delivery.

We are committed to comprehensive quality by promoting quality awareness at all levels and consolidating quality management.

We want to consolidate and further expand our strong market position in Switzerland. The aim is to achieve appropriate qualitative and quantitative growth in established and new markets.

We want to gain decisive competitive advantages through sound technical knowledge and modern and efficient production.

We want to treat our employees with respect, tolerance and a sense of social responsibility through cooperative management behavior and thus create a motivating, performance-oriented working atmosphere.

The development of the employee's personality should be promoted through a meaningful task that corresponds to their professional and personal qualifications. Consistent training and further education of our employees strengthens our competence.

We want to promote the identification, commitment and understanding of our employees for our company through a continuous and comprehensive information policy.

Honest and consistent public relations work should create an image of competence, transparency and trust among all market partners, political authorities and the general public and give "Wiler Filz AG" a high profile.

We want to treat our customers as accommodating, competent and self-confident partners and promote mutual trust through active cooperation.

We seek fair cooperation with competent, efficient and reliable suppliers, paying particular attention to quality, safety, independence and cost-effectiveness.

We want to use manufacturing processes that are as energy- and material-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible to create practical and durable products that also have a minimal impact on the environment when they are disposed of.

Taking into account the guiding principles just defined, we strive for an appropriate profit that guarantees the independence and long-term existence of " Wiler Filz AG ". The owners' risk should be compensated by an appropriate return.

The health and well-being of our employees is taken into account when making business decisions. Continuous improvement of health and safety measures is intended to constantly reduce risks.


We are committed to comprehensive quality by promoting quality awareness at all levels and consolidating quality management.

Since July 1999, Wiler Filz AG has been working according to the quality management system ISO 9001 : 2015 (formerly ISO 9002). This ensures a continuously high quality standard for our services.

The importance we attach to quality is demonstrated on a daily basis by the quality management system described in the management handbook. We are convinced that the quality management system described here - but above all the system we live by - guarantees optimum customer benefit.

The wool felt products from Wiler Filz AG meet the strict requirements for product labeling as "Swiss made", as the value creation of the manufacturing process largely takes place in Switzerland. The Swissness legislation has been in force since 1.1.2017. Its aim is to better protect the designation "Switzerland" and the use of the Swiss cross and to prevent their misuse so that the value of the "Swiss brand" is preserved in the long term. The Swissness legislation defines the requirements that goods or services must meet in order to be labeled as "Swiss".

The Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) hereby certifies that the company named below has a management system which complies with the requirements of the listed normative bases and, based on the result of the audit, awards the company Wiler Filz AG, CH-9500 Wil, the SQS certificate ISO 9001 : 2015, Certified area: "Entire company"; Scope number 4; Registration number 15322; CH-3052 Zollikofen

The International Certification Network is an international, non-governmental, non-profit association. With over 25 years of existence, IQNET is the leading, most reliable and trusted network of certification bodies worldwide.
IQNET's mission is to support partners in minimizing risk and improving long-term operational performance for the benefit of certified customers and stakeholders through global branding, collaboration and harmonization activities.
With a focus on the area of conformity assessment, IQNET intends to actively participate in the development of efficient and user-friendly processes and services to ensure credible performance and effective contribution to the trust of national and international stakeholders.

The constantly increasing fire protection requirements do not stop at our wool felt. We are proud that some of our felt types have been successfully tested in accordance with the highest European standard EN45545. Our wool felts are therefore used in many places in industry with increased fire protection requirements.
Do you also have applications that are subject to certain fire protection requirements? We would be happy to advise you on this topic.

It is important to Wiler Filz that the products it offers meet at least the current standards in terms of ecology and sustainability. Consequently, the Wiler Filz portfolio consists exclusively of products that comply with the Oekotex Standard 100.
The Oekotex Standard 100 is a standardized testing method for textile cover materials currently used by 12 international textile research institutes. These are tested for the presence of certain quantities of harmful substances in strict and extensive test procedures in order to expressly determine their safety for the buyer. Chemical substances which, according to the current state of scientific knowledge, are suspected of possibly having an impact on human health are taken into account.
All suppliers who use chemical products to manufacture our felts have undertaken in writing to supply only products that comply with the Oekotex Standard 100 and also fully meet the human-ecological standard required for baby products.

It is not only important to Wiler Filz that our products are mulesing-free, we also want you to understand why we attach so much importance to this. That is why we explain here what you need to know about mulesing.
Mulesing is a cruel and very painful procedure in sheep farming. The practice, which is very widespread in Australia, involves removing skin from around the tails of lambs and sheep. This skin removal is carried out completely without anesthesia. This makes mulesing particularly painful for the animals. The lambs are first restrained. Then the folds of skin around the anus, vulva and tail are cut out with sharp scissors or a hot knife. As already mentioned, this all takes place while the animals are fully conscious and fully aware of the pain. The wound is not treated any further afterwards, but is left to heal and scar on its own. No more wool then grows on this scar tissue, which remains smooth and wrinkle-free. This prevents the attraction of flies. However, the flies often settle in the untreated wound, so that the sheep is then exposed to this pain completely unnecessarily.

Wiler Filz is a member of the Swiss Textiles Association for good reason.
Swiss Textiles is made up of around 250 internationally oriented SMEs. As an association, we are committed to ensuring that our industry remains internationally competitive. We offer our members an exciting range of services and events
The conviction of SwissTextiles "Together we can do more than alone" - that is our credo. That is why we are committed to helping our members network and exchange ideas. During events, webinars and through our contact mediation. Not only within and beyond national borders, but also beyond our industry.
Another credo is: "We provide impetus". That is why we present ourselves as a forward-looking and modern association. We prefer to look to the future and help shape it, without ignoring the historical past of the Swiss textile industry.