Special effect through creative bonding of attractive color combinations. Multi-layered or multi-colored, thick and thin mixed. Any FELT can be glued to any material.



Our thermally applied adhesive further expands the variants and combinations in our range.
Felt type, color and thickness can be combined individually and freely. Felt types (articles) that are not available in the desired thickness can simply be glued to the desired thickness.


In principle, any of our felts can be glued to another felt. There are almost no limits. The bonding is barely visible to the eye.
By bonding felts that are suitable for sound insulation, extremely good room acoustic results can be achieved.


Whether as an attractive seat cushion or to achieve the desired thickness, the bonding is permanent and cannot be removed.As an example, a rustic, thick industrial felt can be bonded to a thinner, colored design felt, creating a great visual effect.Clever color combinations create aesthetically pleasing and unique accents. This is particularly popular in architecture, interior design and the hotel industry.

Advice and ordering

Many things are possible with our felt.
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