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Questions & Answers

Enclosed is a list of the most frequently asked questions with answers.
If your personal questions about felt and our service are not answered here, we will be happy to advise you in person.

Our entire range is available from stock.
2-4 days for yard goods; custom-made products and special orders by arrangement/offer; usually 1-2 weeks.

In order to make a positive contribution to the environment and offer sustainable products, our entire range consists of 100% natural felt; depending on the item, the proportions are between 70-100% sheep's wool and 0-30% natural fibres/viscose.

With a few exceptions, all felts from the roll are approx. 170-180 cm wide in their raw state.
Details can be found on our data sheet here.

This felt has also been washed/cleaned. Accordingly, fewer structures are visible.

Yes, we can apply a self-adhesive finish to any felt on request. A self-adhesive film is applied in a thermal process. The protective film can simply be removed from the felt and the felt applied to the desired area. The self-adhesive contains no components of silicone.

Basically 0.5 running meters (running meters). Beim Decorative and multi-purpose felt 1.0 running meter per color
The minimum order value is CHF 100.- and for export € 120.-.

Basic information

Wool felt is made of sheep's wool, which repels moisture and dirt and is self-cleaning to a certain extent. Regular washing is therefore not usually necessary and can damage the material. Small stains can be cleaned specifically with a moisturizing wool detergent or shampoo.



  • Clean the surface regularly: Brush the felt with a soft brush. This removes loose dust, dirt, fluff and hair
  • To intensify the self-cleaning effect of the wool, the felt products can be aired out in high humidity; e.g. air them outside after rain or put them in the bathroom while taking a shower. This also removes unpleasant odors.


The following sequence is recommended for cleaning stains on felt:

  1. Treat selectively with a moisturizing wool detergent or shampoo, a soft cloth or sponge and cold to lukewarm water
  2. When drying, take care not to wring out the felt. Excess water can be removed by pressing a towel onto the felt
  3. Then leave the felt to dry in a dry, well-ventilated place (never in the sun or on or near a heater)


In order to preserve the quality and shape of the felt textiles, you should always avoid washing them completelyas far as possible. However, if washing is absolutely necessary, it is best to wash the felt by hand using a moisturizing wool detergent or a shampoo.

  • Place the felt briefly in the cold to maximum lukewarm soapy water.
  • Do not knead or rub the felt vigorously
  • After a short exposure time, carefully rinse the felt with clear, cold water
  • Squeeze out excess water with a dry towel
  • Then leave the felt to dry out in a dry, well-ventilated place (never in the sun or on or near a heater)

The prices for yard goods/running meters are shown in our eShop.
For individual dimensions, custom and special designs according to offer.

We donate our (few) leftovers to charitable organizations.

Due to its natural properties, wool felt improves the acoustics in any room.
Wool felt helps to regulate humidity. Sound insulation made of wool felt can both absorb humidity and release it back into the room air. The use of sound-insulating wool felt can significantly improve the indoor climate. You can find more information on the topic of sound insulation here.
Felt rugs are something out of the ordinary. Wool felt carpets are beautiful, they absorb sound, reduce noise levels and are good for the indoor climate.
Thanks to "digital cutting", any motifs, logos and contours in various color combinations and thicknesses can be used to create individual and unique carpets.
NOn request, the carpet can be equipped with or without an anti-slip coating.
Further information on felt carpets can be found here

Yes, felt can be easily sewn. Up to approx. 6 mm thickness (e.g. 2x 3 mm), can be sewn with a standard household sewing machine. For greater thicknesses, we recommend using an industrial sewing machine or leaving the work to a professional upholsterer. We will be happy to advise you.