Seat cushion made to measure. Multi-layer glued or equipped with anti-slip coating. Seat cushions for all kinds of applications, such as chairs, benches, seating and reading corners, church pews, ... Custom-made or mass production. Seat cushions.

Product description

The extremely pleasant surface and feel of wool felt makes it an ideal material for all kinds of seating. Glued in several layers, a felt seat cushion is a real eye-catcher.
Felt seat cushions and -unterlays are manufactured for all shapes and sizes. Be this standard round, square, rectangular or individually made to measure as well as especially for well-known designer chairs such as; Eames, Dr. No Chair, Master Chair, Panton Chair, Toy Chair, Louis Ghost Chair, etc.
Non request, the seat mats can be equipped with or without an anti-slip coating


In order to really experience the benefits of sitting on wool felt, we recommend a thickness of approx. 10 mm. Especially with colored seat cushions, it is advantageous to glue the felt in several layers to achieve the desired thickness. The combination of different colors makes it possible to create a unique seat.


The natural wool felt is well suited as a seat base for all types of chairs, benches, seating or reading corners. As felt has the wonderful property of warming in the cold and cooling in the heat, the use of felt as a seat base is extremely comfortable and pleasant. Felt seat cushions and underlays are becoming increasingly popular in hotels, restaurants and companies.


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