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What is felt?

Felt is such a versatile, beautiful, natural and inexpensive product that you simply have to know about it. That's why it's worththinking about felt, finding inspiration and using felt in its most beautiful form.

Wool felt does not age, provides comfort and warmth, has a high temperature resistance, has the ability to recover after stress, is flexible, elastic, dense, natural, absorbent, warms in the cold, cools in the heat and much more.

Felt is a real trend material. The age-old natural material is ideal for innovative furnishing ideas. The nonwoven fabric, which has been used for more than 2000 years, is obtained from virgin wool by heat, pressure and fulling.

Felt is water-repellent and flame-retardant, elastic and permeable to air. Felt is UV-resistant, odorless and free of toxins. Thanks to its compact nature, wool felt absorbs sound and improves indoor air quality.


German circles believe that the invention of felt can be traced back to biblical times . Noah would have covered the floor of his ark with wool that he had plucked from the sheep's backs. Noah later realized to his amazement that the animals had completely trampled the sheep's wool fleece, milled it and pushed it into each other. This is how the felt was made.

The term according to DIN 61206 (German standards) is as follows:movement (felting and possibly fulling).

Felt applications

There are so many ways to use and process the natural material felt. Be it for decorating, sealing, insulating, lubricating, soundproofing, shock absorption, vibration damping, filtering, polishing, oil wiping, upholstery, bandaging, handicrafts, embroidery, etc.

Felt is used in numerous industries such as: Architecture, metal, wood, glass, furniture, railroad, packaging, textile industry, mechanical engineering, hotel industry, gastronomy, medical technology, construction, arts and crafts, interior design, schools, instrument making, vehicle construction, aviation, and many more.