FELT without end. By the meter.

Product description

Our extensive range is based on over 200 different felts. We essentially divide these into four collections:
Industrial Felt, Design Felt, Universal Felt and Decorative Felt.
The width of the felt rolls is generally approx. 170/180 cm and the Universal felt 100 cm.
We are also able to procure almost any felt imaginable.

Intended use

There are so many ways to use and process the natural material felt. Be it in Decorate, Dichten, Isoling, Slubricating, Ssilencing, Stoss steaming, Vvibration damping, Ffiltering, Ppolishing, Astripping of oil, Polster, Band, Basteln, Bembroidery, etc.

Our felt is used in numerous industries such as: Architecture, metal, wood, glass, furniture, railroad, packaging, textile industry, mechanical engineering, gastronomy, medical technology, construction, arts and crafts, interior design, instrument making, vehicle construction, aviation, schools, etc.


Wool felt does not age, provides comfort and warmth, has a high temperature resistance, is breathable, absorbs odours, neutralizes bacteria, has a self-cleaning effect, does not become electrostatically charged, has the ability to recover after stress, is flexible, elastic, dense, natural, absorbent, warms in the cold, cools in the heat and much more.

Advice and ordering

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